Door/Window with Wall Tamper and EOL

The Inovonics EN1215WEOL door/window with wall tamper and EOL has a built-in magnetic reed switch on the side, with a magnet that supports a 5/8″ gap.  A 2.2K ohm end of line resistor is included with the transmitter, and is required to operate it. The transmitter is fully supervised and includes a wall tamper switch that notifies the system when the transmitter is removed from its mounted surface.

Key Features

  • End of line resistor supervision
  • Screw closure housing and wall tamper switch proved additional security
  • Can be used with almost any standard NO/NC contact
  • Fully supervised
  • UL listed

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4200

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EN4216MR

    16 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN4232MR

    32 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN5040

    High Power Repeater

  • EN5040-T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN5040-20T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN6040-T

    Network Coordinator

  • EN6080

    Area Control Gateway

  • EN7290

    Serial Receiver/Interface for Honeywell

  • BAT604-12

    3.0V Replacement Battery