Universal Transmitter with Wall Tamper

  • EN1215EOL
  • The Inovonics universal transmitter with wall tamper is designed for use with almost any standard contact or sensor. A 2.2K ohm end of line resistor is included with the transmitter, and is required to operate it.¬†It is fully supervised and includes a wall tamper switch that notifies the system when the transmitter is removed from its mounted surface.

Key Features

  • Can be used with almost any standard NO/NC contact
  • Screw closure housing and wall tamper switch provide additional security
  • Fully Supervised

Network Specifications

  • 902 - 928 MHz North America
  • 915 - 928 MHz Australia
  • 921 - 928 MHz New Zealand

Compatible Gateways and Receivers

Accessories and Batteries

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