Multiple Condition On/Off Pendant

The EN1224-ON multiple condition on/off pendant is a four-button, multiple condition pendant transmitter, with the buttons configured for on/off applications. The multiiple condition on/off pendant transmitter must be used with an EchoStream universal serial receiver, security only serial receiver, or with the network coordinator. In addition, the application controller (e.g. control panel) must be designed to accept the on/off conditions.

Key Features

  • Buttons configured for on/off applications
  • Can be worn on the optional belt clip or mounted for fixed position signaling
  • LED flashes with all transmissions, ensuring operation at a glance
  • Belt clip is not included

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4200

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EN4216MR

    16 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN4232MR

    32 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN5040

    High Power Repeater

  • EN5040-T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN5040-20T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN6040-T

    Network Coordinator

  • EN6080

    Area Control Gateway

  • EN7286NX

    GE NetworX Serial Receiver Interface

  • EN7290

    Serial Receiver/Interface for Honeywell

  • ACC605-BK10

    Pendant Black Belt Clip, Ten Pack

  • BAT608

    3.0V Pendant Replacement Battery