Denver Business Journal: Eric Banghart Promoted to Manager of Global Sales

From Denver Business Journal, “People on the Move” Section, August 16, 2017, Eric Banghart promoted to Manager of Global Sales. Click here to visit the page pictured below.  

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McKnight’s Senior Living: Protecting Against Water Damage in Senior Living Communities

From McKnight’s Senior Living, May 2017, Written by Todd Stanley and Scott Fincher, Senior Product Managers at Inovonics           Todd Stanley (On Left) & Scott Fincher (On Right) Water damage is a cause for concern in any multi-family housing community. Something as simple as an […]

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Security Sales & Integration: Inovonics EN4204R Four Zone Add-on Receiver Gets 7 UL Listings

From Security Sales & Integration, June 2017           The Inovonics EN4204R four zone add-on receiver with relay outputs features the ability to add up to four EchoStream wireless transmitters. Inovonics, a provider of wireless sensor networks for life safety applications, announces seven new […]

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Security System News: Inovonics talks about what’s new at ISC West

From Security Systems News, Spring 2017 Mark Jarman, Inovonics President (on left below), and Craig Dever, Inovonics VP of Sales (on right below) speak with Tim Purpura, Publisher of Security System News Magazine about what’s new at the ISC West 2017 show. Click here or below to […]

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Security Today Magazine: Three Standouts at ISC West

From Security Today Magazine, April 2017, Contributions by Scott Fincher, Sr. Product Manager at Inovonics, Article Written by Lindsay Page It’s no secret that ISC West is full of top-notch security companies from across the globe. Walking through the exhibit hall is like treading across a never-ending sea of amazing […]

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Campus Safety Magazine: Common Security Project Mistakes As Told by ISC West Vendors

From Campus Safety Magazine, April 2017, Contributions by Craig Dever, Vice President of Sales at Inovonics, Article Written by Zach Winn Each new security project at a college, school or hospital is unique and requires security managers to make different considerations. After hearing some comments about end user misunderstandings […]

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Security Sales & Integration Magazine: Putting Security on Exhibit

From Security Sales & Integration Magazine, March 2017, Written by Don Commare, Vice President of Marketing at Inovonics THE MONA LISA has been attacked four times over the last century; once with acid, once with a rock, once with paint and once with a teacup. It was also stolen […]

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Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) Magazine: PERS vs. Enterprise Mobile Duress

From Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I) Magazine, February 2017, Written by Don Commare, Vice President of Marketing at Inovonics Nearly everyone has heard of personal emergency response systems, or PERS, which was designed primarily for at-home individuals, often seniors. It allows its users to call for help with the […]

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Medical Laboratory Observer: 900 MHz Wireless Hospital Temperature Monitoring: An Alternative to WiFi

From Medical Laboratory Observer Online, January 2017, Written by Scott Fincher, Senior Product Manager at Inovonics Wireless temperature monitoring is becoming an increasingly attractive option for hospitals across the United States—and for the clinical labs within the larger institutions. The benefit for clinical laboratorians can be significant: […]

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McKnights Long-Term Care News Online: Water Detection for Communities

From McKnights Long-Term Care News Online, January 2017, Written by Scott Fincher, Senior Product Manager at Inovonics We recently heard from a customer where a resident’s overflowing sink resulted in $20,000 in water damage repairs. What could be done to prevent this? In the United States, the […]

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